MixBit, The New App From YouTube's Founders, Aims To Turn Everyone Into A Filmmaker | Social Media Collaboration | Scoop.it

With YouTube Chad Hurley and Steve Chen made publishing videos easy. Now they want to make it just as easy to create them.When Google wanted to boost the quality of YouTube’s content, it gave out $5 million in grants to select creators. YouTube cofounders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, who sold the service to Google in 2006, are now tackling the same problem, but with a different philosophy.


They hope that a new app they are launching on Thursday, called MixBit, will make shooting quality video scalable and accessible to everyone.“Unfortunately I think YouTube is going down the route of rewarding the select few around content creation, be it with partnerships or with ways of funding original content,” Hurley told Fast Company. “I can understand, it’s great to stimulate the community and make money available to them. But I feel that’s a more traditional approach to solving the problem. It’s basically replicating the studio model...I’m looking for something that doesn’t necessarily alienate any group of people, but gives them all equal access.


”That apparently includes people who never shoot any video. With MixBit, as with Instagram video and Vine, users touch their phones’ screens to take multiple video clips that the app combines into one video. But only MixBit allows other people to use those clips, if they’re public, in their own videos....

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