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Students and Teachers – Should both be friends on Facebook?

Students and Teachers – Should both be friends on Facebook? | Social Media Classroom |


Infographics on Facebook friendship between Teachers and Students on social networking platform with respect to online education for future career growth degree...


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Rescooped by Seth Dixon from Digital Curation for Teachers!

A New Role for teachers?

A New Role for teachers? | Social Media Classroom |

I, like others, believe that digital curation might just be the next new activity that academics in higher education will need to adopt.   In my classrooms, it has changed the paradigm for how I deliver content to students, interact and collaborate with them.   At the same time, it is fundamentally changing how I perceive and approach publishing and research (which at it's core is about disseminating information to a large audience).


Some question brought up by the author of this article:  

- What skills will academics need to be effective digital curators?
- How ready are they to adopt this activity?
- How ready are the systems in our institutions (learning management systems, hardware, software availability, etc but also institutional career progression and research systems) to support the academics in this?
- How does this fit into the concept of digital scholarship?

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Seth Dixon's comment, December 13, 2011 10:59 PM
I've been exploring the idea of 'the social media classroom' and how I view teachers with an emerging role as curators, but also teaching student the skills of curation so they can get the right resources in an age of ubiquitous information. I'll have to keep in touch.
Tom George's comment, December 14, 2011 9:07 AM
Nice one thanks for this. I have been following your Scoops. You can also set up and share your scoops on Internet Billboards, it's very easy to set up and do and there is no extra effort just a couple clicks. Like this Also do you have a blog? Just curious.