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Social Media Classroom
Making dynamic use of social media and technology to enhance education and learning. Interesting information on education, technology and educational technologies.
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The Daily Mail Song

mp3 here: We're aware this video won't mean an awful lot if you've never heard of The Daily Mail (a British Newspaper), but on the plus side, you've never heard of The Daily Mail.
Seth Dixon's curator insight, December 12, 2012 5:18 PM

As more of our students go searching for information online, we need to also teach our students how to assess the quality of a particular media outlet and develop a critical eye.  This great song is a humorous way to approach that topic. 

Questions to Ponder: What makes a source reliable?  Can a source be reliable on some topics but not others?     


Here's an article about how an over-reliance on GPS (or Sat-Nav) can lead to the erosion of one's mental map.  And yes, the article is from the Daily Mail (as the images on the side clearly demonstrate).  Does that change how you approach the information? 

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The Trouble With Online Education

The Trouble With Online Education | Social Media Classroom |
Internet courses are monologues. True learning is a dialogue.


Online education is a paradigm shift for many, one that I encourage...but must it be the paradigm shift for all?  There are strengths and weaknesses in both face-to-face and online education...I still prefer to have a classroom and infuse that with digital communication.   

Neize Ribeiro da Silva's comment, October 14, 2012 4:48 PM
I was looking for an article like this
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Learning By Exploring, Organizing and Curating a Body of Information

Seth Dixon: This promotional video speaks to me because regardless of platform, I think that educational technologies should be used to foster the exact same type of learning environment that is described in this video.  The Social Media Classroom isn't about "wowing" student with cool technologies.  That flashiness is the educational equivalent of a twinkie.  Fluffy, empty calorie that don't nourish.  The ideological essence of content curation IS what good educators have always sought to do: only now there are new platforms for this process.  


Robin Good: Curatr, an elearning platform built upon the idea of discovery through the curation and sense-making of existing information.  Curatr is about the construction of the scaffolding that allows people to learn and to find the resources that should help them best learn what they are interested into. 

Find out more: 

Via Robin Good, Seth Dixon
janlgordon's comment, February 29, 2012 11:11 AM
Another gem, thank you so much Robin!
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A New Role for teachers?

A New Role for teachers? | Social Media Classroom |

I, like others, believe that digital curation might just be the next new activity that academics in higher education will need to adopt.   In my classrooms, it has changed the paradigm for how I deliver content to students, interact and collaborate with them.   At the same time, it is fundamentally changing how I perceive and approach publishing and research (which at it's core is about disseminating information to a large audience).


Some question brought up by the author of this article:  

- What skills will academics need to be effective digital curators?
- How ready are they to adopt this activity?
- How ready are the systems in our institutions (learning management systems, hardware, software availability, etc but also institutional career progression and research systems) to support the academics in this?
- How does this fit into the concept of digital scholarship?

Via catspyjamasnz
Seth Dixon's comment, December 13, 2011 10:59 PM
I've been exploring the idea of 'the social media classroom' and how I view teachers with an emerging role as curators, but also teaching student the skills of curation so they can get the right resources in an age of ubiquitous information. I'll have to keep in touch.
Tom George's comment, December 14, 2011 9:07 AM
Nice one thanks for this. I have been following your Scoops. You can also set up and share your scoops on Internet Billboards, it's very easy to set up and do and there is no extra effort just a couple clicks. Like this Also do you have a blog? Just curious.
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Social Media in Education

This is a primer on how to use online resources for geography students so they can learn more about the world by participating in global conversations (not just hearing about them).
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You Are Not Special Speech - High School Graduation

This is a great commencement speech, tailor-made for a coddled generation. 

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Twitter Experiment- "The Social Media Classroom"

Dr. Rankin, professor of History at UT Dallas, wanted to know how to reach more students and involve more people in class discussions both in and out of the ...


Cell phones and social media are sometimes viewed as the anti-thesis of paying attention and staying engaged in class.  I'm doing this for the first time this semester, what I am calling "the Social Media Classroom" and so far, it's been fruitful.  

Grammie's comment, September 16, 2011 11:19 PM
the classes are ready for this.
Seth Dixon's comment, September 17, 2011 4:06 PM
I think that classes are ready for this...but not all professors are. It is a paradigm shift, but a worthwhile endeavor to at least give it an honest effort.
Ryan McDonough's curator insight, July 21, 2014 5:35 PM

This video was all about getting students to voice their opinions and communicate in the classroom. Sometimes, raising your hand to ask questions and particpate can be hard for some personalities. Using Twitter for the classroom discussion gets everyone's input. Shy students really benefit from using this platform for classroom discussions. Texting can continue throughout the semester-- even when school isn't in session using social media to drive the conversation.