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Social Media Classroom
Making dynamic use of social media and technology to enhance education and learning. Interesting information on education, technology and educational technologies.
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9 Ways to Assess without Standardized Tests

9 Ways to Assess without Standardized Tests | Social Media Classroom |

"School life, needs to take a look at real life measurement tools and consider making the school world, look more like the real world with meaningful and authentic assessment. In short, we should measure individuals by how well they do stuff rather than how well they do the meaningless work of memorize, regurgitate, and fill in bubbles on demand." 

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Scooped by Seth Dixon!

Grading Rubric for Online Discussion Forum Participation

Grading Rubric for Online Discussion Forum Participation | Social Media Classroom |

One of the difficulties with social interaction in the classroom is that even if you want the students to be intrinsically motivated to engage each other intellectually, some will always need external motivation.  And like it or not, that often comes through formal assessment and grading; but how to assess online interaction?  We are looking for depth of engagement, intellectual rigor pertinent to the course that is posted more than 10 seconds before the deadline if it is going to foster any interaction.  This rubric is not just something to help the teacher assess the students' interaction, it gives great guidelines for students to know what constitutes good online forum participation.      

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