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From the article intro: "The act of highlighting a noteworthy passage in an ebook is being socialized by Findings, an online destination where readers can collect, share, discuss and discover such highlights from ebooks and web texts.




The Findings experience is centered around shared passages and user libraries.


Libraries are like digital bookshelves and consist of all the texts — with highlights and quotes automatically organized by book, source or author — the user has clipped from.


Readers can use the Findings bookmarklet to clip snippets of text from ebooks and websites.


They can also sync Findings with their Amazon Kindle Highlights for an instantaneous way to share and starting discussing their collection of saved passages.


“With Findings, we are trying to do something that is dedicated explicitly to the task of curating quotations,” Findings co-creator Steven Johnson says.


“That narrowness of focus has allowed us to concentrate on a couple of key features that make Findings particularly useful.”


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