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Social Media, Digital Marketing
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8 Apps to Help With Social Media Marketing

8 Apps to Help With Social Media Marketing | Social Media, Digital Marketing |

" Today, digital marketing is an essential part of reaching out to potential customers across the globe. Businesses are exploring various avenues through the internet and smartphones to engage and stay connected with their target audience. [...]


We've cut through the clutter and brought you 8 of these amazing apps that have not only caught the imagination of business owners and entrepreneurs but also have contributed to financial success "

Via Jeff Domansky
LECHAPPE's curator insight, April 30, 2014 4:13 AM

More apps to facilitate the visibility of companies and  help them to reach a max of customers

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8 applications pour vous accompagner dans votre stratégie social media

Victoria Aupont's curator insight, May 1, 2014 12:06 PM

This article was about eight apps that helps with social media marketing. Social Media marketing is a growing effective medium that brands are using to stay engaged and connected with their target audience. Since digital marketing plays a huge role of reaching out to potential and old customers across the world, these are useful tips to help a social media employee. As the networking world continues to grow there are many useful and un-useful apps and businesses are wondering which one is the most effective and this article cuts through the clutter of all of them to find the apps that contributed to financial success with businesses.

Hoot suite is an app that acts as a virtual personal assistant that manages latest updates from the company. With this app you can set up a date and time to send out a tweet, this is beneficial because it helps businesses reach the right customers at the right time. This helps when marketing a campaign and new advertisements. LocalVox is an app similar to hoot suite to manage promotions and brand building also helps to view business ratings and reviews. Tweet bot is also similar to these apps by helping managing heavy traffic and send out messages without having to type manually. 

Heyo and Chirpify are apps helpful to business to sell their products easily with no hassle. Heyo enables potential customers to make a purchase directly on Facebook reducing the risk of missed opportunities. Chirpify helps customers buy products with just using the hash tag #buy. This is beneficial because the new customer has just started a public conversation which will lead to more publicity and more buys.

Another useful app is called mentions; this app helps monitor and analyze the impact of an online business. It helps keeps track of website performance, reply to post via email or mobile and communicate with customers on the go. Last but not least is an app called Evernote, which allows you to organize your notes, thoughts, ideas, share files, and photos within instant reach. This is beneficial because it helps you remember important things that you do not want to forget.

Being a future PR and social media savvy user this article interested me a lot because it will help me stand out from the next candidate if I know the most effective tools to use to promote a company or brand. From previous PR crisis, I know that Hootsuite is an app I need to be very cautious of using because many social media users accidentally posted inappropriate things from the app on accident. From other company’s mistakes, I know not to even associate my personal social media pages with this app to avoid any mishaps. As social media marketing is growing as a PR professional I need to grow with it and be on top of all of the useful tools I can use. I tied this article back to chapter 8 because to have a good relationship with a consumer you have to use appealing and useful tactics. These eight apps are useful marketing tools that can help grow a brand and reach their target audience.

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38 outils gratuits pour surveiller et analyser votre présence sur les médias sociaux

38 outils gratuits pour surveiller et analyser votre présence sur les médias sociaux | Social Media, Digital Marketing |

" Pour tirer le meilleur parti de votre présence web, vous devez mesurer et analyser les résultats de vos actions sur les réseaux sociaux. De cette façon, vous pourrez mieux comprendre le pourquoi de vos réussites et échecs.


Ils existent de nombreux outils gratuits et payants pour vous aider. Lesquels choisir? Cela dépend évidemment de votre stratégie et de vos buts, ainsi que des médias sociaux utilisés. "

Via Ozil Conseil
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Protégez votre E-réputation

Protégez votre E-réputation | Social Media, Digital Marketing |
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