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"Google announced another integration: your Google+ profile PLUS YouTube AND you can keep your channel name."


I've already done this.  It makes sense if you have the right set-up with your YouTube channels.  ~  Deb


Excerpt, from TNW:


You can still keep your channel name.      If you prefer to market your own personal brand, then Google is urging you to switch to the Google+ one.


If you don’t want a full name on your channel, in the coming weeks, Google+ page (as opposed to a profile) will have that as a new feature is coming “in the coming weeks.”    

Also coming will be 


Advanced Google+ page management features that let up to 50 people manage a single Google+ page, or ...      A single person will be able to manage up to 50 Google+ pages, which will all supposedly nicely work with YouTube channels linked to Google+ pages.


Thanks to The Next Web, TNW.  Full article here.


Deb's YouTube integration here.

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