5 Ways to Weave Every Element of Your Nonprofit's Story onto Pinterest | Social Media as Content & Audience Aggregator | Scoop.it
The only nonprofit marketing trend hotter than storytelling is visual storytelling. And the social media site Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board for interesting web pages and pictures, lends itself to visual storytelling techniques.


I like these ideas here! They will definitely get you thinking more about how to effectively use Pinterest for sharing your organization's story -- whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit enterprise.


Now if only Pineterest would let you group photos together within boards you could REALLY tell your stories better. I hope they add that functionality soon.


In the meantime, create your boards and start pinning! Then check out the Scoop.it material by my friends and colleagues Jan Gordon and Michele Smorgon called Pinterest Watch for all the tips and tricks for leveraging Pinterest in social media campaigns http://www.scoop.it/t/pinterest-watch 

Via Karen Dietz