How Facebook Reach Is Calculated and What It Means For You | Measuring the Networked Nonprofit |

Curated by Beth Kanter

Facebook has changed the way its metrics program calculates reach.    Reach is a simple concept - the number of who have seen any given Facebook post in their newsfeed.   The reach figures are fir the first 28 days after you publish a post and include people who view on your desktop and mobile.  Your post counts as having reached someone when it is loaded and show in the news feed.   As of July 2, your reach data includes both people who viewed your post via a desktop AND mobile.

There was also a tweak to FB reach metric.    "the desktop News Feed will no longer count Reach until a user scrolls and loads the Page's story."   What is a load is not defined, but FB is now loading fewer stories in the newsfeed.   It means that your reach numbers are more accurate because it reflects impressions that are more likely to have read your post - vs just scrolling past it in a full newsfeed.

What does that mean?

-Your reach numbers could look better or worse.   If you have a big mobile audience, your reach numbers will grow.    The fact that they only counting reach numbers of people who actually consumed your content means that the number is a better reflection of true reach.

My takeaway:  You need to also measure engagement - by looking at the metrics for interactivity as well.