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Participants are people interested in the topic of learning from one another and who want to discuss how to help other people learn in formal, informal, social and mobile ways. This summer we aim to renew our commitment to steer clear of topics that are more “training department” oriented (including topics around LMS and instructional design) and focus this time on rather on how people learn, what they learn, and what we’re learning.


The official Twitter account is @lrnchat. Learn more here. Instruction on how to #lrnchat are always available in the sidebar links.


Gust MEES: this is for me the BEST advice I have found and the BEST pratice about Twitter Chats... I am a fan of #lrnchat and I learned a lot only by lurking  ;)


Read more, very interesting and a MUST for people who want to start one day a Twitter Chat...: