For People to Trust You, Reveal Your Intentions | Social Media and its influence |
In our last blog, we discussed the importance of competence for fostering the trust you need as a manager to influence others.


We stressed that management competence includes not just technical knowledge of the work but operational and political know-how as well.


Here we want to focus on the other great component of trust — character — but by taking a different approach.


So far we've argued that intentions — character — are the foundation of trust, that they must be supported by competence, and that you must take pains to reveal them. But we haven't addressed the question of your intentions themselves. Does it matter what your intentions are?


Yes, of course it does. We don't trust anyone simply because they have clear intentions. Otherwise, we'd trust Hannibal Lector and other villains.


===> People trust us because we have the right intentions, which are those intentions people accept and agree with. What are "the right" intentions? <===


That's not an easy question to answer, especially for a boss, and it's the subject of our next blog.


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Via Professor Jill Jameson