It's vital we teach social networking skills in school | Social media and education |
Social networking, especially via Twitter and Facebook, has become a major part in modern life for many millions of people.


We need to educate young people to understand that it is wrong to write anything on a social networking site which you wouldn’t say to someone’s face. As it is, it is all to easy to get carried away when you’re addressing someone you can’t see and whom you may not know personally.


Second, Twitter and Facebook are, as has been well publicised, a groomer’s dream. It is vital that children – and I’m sure most parents and schools are already doing this – be carefully drilled in spotting the dangers. That means, for example, never posting suggestive photographs, ‘flirting’ online with strangers, or agreeing to meet anyone you’ve ‘met’ only via a social networking site.


The key to making all this work, however, is that teachers and schools have to be open-minded and prepared to embrace new ways of working.


Many, of course, are doing so with enthusiasm, ===> but some are still locked in dinosaur mode. <===


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