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Social Media 4 Education
Where else to use Social Media if not in the Classrooms?
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40 Sites for Educational Games

40 Sites for Educational Games | Social Media 4 Education |

Tech and Learning has just posted a wonderful article concerning Internet Gaming.  With school starting up, make sure you have your resources available to help that special student of yours make the grade.  Read on, and check out the hotest sites available for online learners.

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Juegos educativos

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Here is another list this morning that both parents, students and teachers might find helpful.

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Plethora of educational gaming sites that are geared towards elementary students. I've used and before with my Kindergartners. A center-orientated system could be effective in getting kids to rotate from computer to computer, entrenching them in different subjects such as reading, writing, spelling, and math.

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Teaching With Tablets | Inside Higher Ed

Teaching With Tablets | Inside Higher Ed | Social Media 4 Education |

Stephanie Hedge is a graduate student in the Department of English at Ball State University. You can follow her on twitter at @slhedge.


I present this post with a two caveats: first, this post is written with iPads in mind (particularly as I discuss apps), because that’s what I use, but the basic principles hold for any tablet, including the neat-o Microsoft Surface. Secondly, I recognize that tablets can be prohibitively expensive for graduate students. However, new advances in tech are bringing down prices, and some schools may provide a tech budget for students. Check what kinds of devices are available to you! Although the cost can be high, I find the flexibility and utility of an iPad to be well worth the investment.

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Inside Higher Ed

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Top Educational iPad Apps for Teachers

Top Educational iPad Apps for Teachers | Social Media 4 Education |

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