How The Internet Has Spread Around The World [Infographic] | Social Media, the 21st Century Digital Tool Kit |

The world wide web has become significantly more worldwide over the past two decades. By 2010, more than 2 billion people--or about one-third of the global population--had access to the internet, up from something like .05 percent in 1990, and less than 10 percent of users worldwide now reside in the U.S.
As seen in this visualization two big trends are evident: the geographical diversification of the web, and China's sudden expansion and global dominance as an internet presence...

Further information explaining these trends comes from Google's public data tool. Take a look at the additional charts at the link--the first shows the relative proportion of internet users by country, and the second shows each country's total number of users.

Via Lauren Moss, Bronwyn Desjardins, Sakis Koukouvis