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Social Marketing Strategy
Using social media to extend traditional marketing campaigns.
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How To Manage and Encourage Comments

How To Manage and Encourage Comments | Social Marketing Strategy |
One of the easiest ways to facilitate user-generated content on your business website is through Comments.

Via Mike Allton
Mike Allton's curator insight, January 22, 2014 11:16 AM

Do You Encourage Comments On Your Blog?

+Jason T. Wiser hosted a great panel discussion last week with +Mark Traphagen +David Amerland and +Donart Nummer in which they discussed the Pro's and Con's of various comment systems, including Facebook Comments, Google+ Comments and Disqus. The consensus seemed to be in favor of the Disqus system, but I bring this up not because I prefer that system as well, but to point outhow important comments are to your blog!

If people like Jason and Mark and David and Donart are having intense discussions about which system you should be using, doesn't that suggest that Comments arereally important?

If you aren't yet sold on the idea, there are several key benefits to allowing and encouraging comments, including:

 - Engagement
 - Impression
 - Content
 - Action

For more detailed information on these benefits, and some thoughts on how you can encourage your readers to be participatory in the discussions on your blog, read on:

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Top 10 Social Media Blog Finalists 2014: This Week in Social Media

Top 10 Social Media Blog Finalists 2014: This Week in Social Media | Social Marketing Strategy |
Welcome to our weekly edition of what's hot in social media news.
Witmer Group's insight:

Who will the top blogger be this year?

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