Brands and Authenticity on Social Media | Social Marketing Strategy |

Do you find it difficult to set your tone on social media? Are you struggling to discover creative ways to authentically connect with your customers? Some companies clearly cover up their identity and don't allow themselves to really bare it all.


Being open, genuine, and authentic on the digital landscape means a great deal to your audience who wants to genuinely engage with your brand on social. It's important to apply a holistic approach, and although many brands struggle to showcase that authentic, relevant identity, it should, however, be effortless.


It's important to find your own, personal voice in the social sphere to have an even bigger impact and be your authentically awesome self. As Forbes already mentioned in 2011, the battle for social media authenticity is about showcasing the human side of your business to make your audience feel truly part of your brand in a culture of openness.


Whichever company makes the best attempt at making people truly care about their brand, ultimately wins that battle for authenticity. Marc Ecko, all-round entrepreneur, says authentic branding goes way beyond perception:

Your brand is not the game of perception. It's not what you parrot to. Your brand is on what is on the inside, it's like guts to the skin thing.

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.