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My excuse is that I’m not ‘arty’. I studied the history of art at university, I like to look at art but the creative side I like to leave to those who have the talent. As an audience member, I am firmly placed in my role as spectator. And this is why the In-Finite project appealed to me so much. There are people who are being creative with social media (that don’t feature on the first page of search results) and in doing so, are bringing the audience into their projects. Ijad Dance Company have been interpreting technology since the 90s and now it’s the turn of social media. And by using these opportunities of communication – instant, one-off exchanges that take less than 140 characters (or 6 seconds with my new love – Vine) – offer an alternative to staring, faceless audiences.  The In-Finite project asks people to donate secrets (how anathemic to social media!) in order that a dancer might interpret it, all amounting to a performance, streamed all over the world. Audience participation which isn’t threatening, a marriage of new technology and creative, responsive, accessible art.