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Rescooped by infosourcer from Just Story It! Biz Storytelling!

10 Steps To Designing An Amazing [Storied] Infographic

10 Steps To Designing An Amazing [Storied] Infographic | Social Knowledge |
Information can be useful--and even beautiful--but only when it’s presented well. In an age of information overload, any guidance through the clutter comes as a welcome relief. That’s one reason for the recent popularity of information graphics.

Got data? Need it to tell a story? Then make sure you read this article about constructing a storied infographic. An infographic is one visual storytelling method.

Yes, there are graphics tips here for us non-graphics people like "Choosing a Format". But the majority of the article is about effective storytelling with data. Like tips on "Finding the Narrative" and "Identifying Problems" (essential to a good story) to locating the "Hero" or key message.

And I like how the author, Josh Smith, dicusses determining a visual approach.

In the end, having graphic design skills seems necessary to do this type of visual storytelling well. 

Yet I think that there are plenty of ways to use the tips in this article to take simple data in our work and turn it into visually inspiring pieces without being a graphic designer. 

So take these tips and play/experiment with the simple tools we do have available to us non-graphic biz folks: PowerPoint, MSPublisher, Excel, Keynote, Prezi, and the like.

Read the full article here: 

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at 

Via Karen Dietz
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Rescooped by infosourcer from Just Story It! Biz Storytelling!

Why “Infographic Thinking” Is The Future, Not A Fad -- Visual Storytelling

Why “Infographic Thinking” Is The Future, Not A Fad -- Visual Storytelling | Social Knowledge |
We get a lot of infographic pitches. Almost all of them suck. Why?


Here's a lovely video and great article about infographics and narrative as a form of visual storytelling.


What is an infographic? You will see plenty of examples here.


What does this have to do with narrative? The best infographics tell a story or trigger stories within our minds. The designer being interviewed on the video, Francesco Franchi explains how and why.


I hope you like the video (5+ min.) and the insights Francesco shares with us. Very interesting!

Via Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz's comment, April 3, 2012 10:46 AM
Thank you for re-scooping this Guglielmo! Have a great week :)
Guglielmo Cornelli's comment, April 3, 2012 10:56 AM
Tx to you!! Have a great week! ;)