Social Foraging
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Social Foraging
Dynamics of Social Interaction
Curated by Ashish Umre
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Rescooped by Ashish Umre from Amazing Science!

An interactive map of more than 800,000 Scientific Papers that have influenced math and physics most

An interactive map of more than 800,000 Scientific Papers that have influenced math and physics most | Social Foraging |

ArXiv is an online archive that stores hundreds of thousands of scientific papers in physics, mathematics, and other fields. The citations in those papers link to one another, forming a web, but you're not going to see those connections just by sifting through the archive.


So physicist Damien George and Ph.D student Rob Knegjens took it on themselves to create Paperscape, an interactive infographic that beautifully and intuitively charts the papers.


The infographic is a mass of circles. Each circle represents a paper, and the bigger a circle is, the more highly cited it is. The papers are color-coded by discipline--pink for astrophysics, yellow for math, etc.--and papers that share many of the same citations are placed closer together.

Via Lauren Moss, Dr. Stefan Gruenwald
Jay Ratcliff's curator insight, September 6, 2013 1:35 PM

This is cool!  It is like the map of the Internet done last year sometime.

I lucked out and found the section about SNA in the lower left hand side of the map.  Look for Network under the Quantitative Finance section, go figure.

Rescooped by Ashish Umre from visualizing social media!

Infographic: The Incredible Growth of Web Usage [1984-2013]

Infographic: The Incredible Growth of Web Usage [1984-2013] | Social Foraging |

In the three decades since the Internet evolved from an experimental band of academic and government computer systems into a globe-spanning network of interconnected systems, the amount of time spent online has grown to rival (or even exceed) the time spent living offline. Personal computers, tablets and smartphones have made the connected life a reality, and the number of folks pursuing it has exploded.

Find more details at the link.

Via Lauren Moss
Andrew Earnshaw's curator insight, September 20, 2013 3:23 PM

Yes, I too can remember when there wasn't an Internet. Is there an application that's not yet been produced. What next will we all wonder how we did without ?

Al Marqz's curator insight, September 27, 2013 7:14 PM

La humanidad en bloque ha optado por la gran Red y de ésta, por las redes sociales... ¡Larga vida a la web!

Pallab Kakoti's curator insight, April 16, 2014 7:44 AM

The rise & rise of web usage is one of the most unifying & reformative development to have impacted on a global scale. An insightful info-graphic that offers a unique purview from the inception days of internet to the latest trend of app usage estimating an annual revenue of $24 billion.


A pure delight that's not to be missed #PlbKkt for #hshdsh via #blogs4bytes //