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Technology Is Critical, and It Doesn't Replace Great Teaching - Learning Forward’s PD Watch - Education Week Teacher

Learning Forward is the nation's largest nonprofit membership association focused solely on ensuring success for all students through effective professional learning and school improvement.

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Teaching in Social and Technological Networks by George Siemens

"Technological networks have transformed prominent businesses sectors: music, television, financial, manufacturing. Social networks, driven by technological networks, have similarly transformed communication, news, and personal interactions. Education sits at the social/technological nexus of change – primed for dramatic transformative change. In recent posts, I’ve argued for needed systemic innovation. I’d like focus more specifically on how teaching is impacted by social and technological networks.

What is the role of a teacher?"

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Teaching citizenship: work and the economy

Teaching citizenship: work and the economy | Social e-learning network |
The issue of ‘citizenship, work and the economy’ is often neglected in everyday discussions of citizenship. But a moment's reflection should demonstrate how important it is.
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