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Rescooped by Costas Vasiliou from E-Learning and Online Teaching!

E-Learning Certificate Program: Curation and Online Teaching

E-Learning Certificate Program: Curation and Online Teaching | Social e-learning network |

Scoop it provides a rich search field for my subjects of interest. I can search and subscribe to the work of other curators. I can easily 're-scoop' articles that fit my needs. I also troll for information on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and many blogs. When I find an article that fits the needs of my students I use the handy Curation Widget to capture a summary of the article.

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Rescooped by Costas Vasiliou from Cyberlearning!

Why Human Filters are the Future of the Web

Why Human Filters are the Future of the Web | Social e-learning network |

Karyn Campbell wrote this piece for Sparksheet - Great Observations and so true!




"Before news aggregators, content curators, and Google’s omnipotent algorithm, the world’s information was sorted by real human beings."


Here's what caught my attention:


It comes down to trust


The web has offered us incredible options for how we buy products, talk to our friends, or experience media. Remember that adage “quality over quantity”? We can take that phrase literally online – quantity won’t go away; quality will just sit atop.


Sometimes we want someone to tell us, consistently, what’s true and what’s good. No wonder YouTube just relaunched its music page, enlisting writers for Vice, Spin and other major vloggers to curate its featured content.


**As Steve Jobs more radically put it, “It’s not the consumers’ job to know what they want.”


It comes down to trust. Because we are all so well trained in the art of branding, arguably at the expense of crafting things worthy of distribution,


**it becomes hard to trust the advice of a Wild West web.


Still, we’ll continue to take the word of our favourite industry insider, celebrity or uncle.


**Likewise, the smartest companies in this space will calibrate expertise with automation, math with emotion.


**Whether she’s a kid writing code or a poet in-the-making, look for the next generation Steve Jobs to carry on building, hiring, and perfecting these filters.



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