An awesome summary of Autumn/Winter trends! | Cultural Trendz |


Sheer and furMix sheer and fur on the top half (think fur gloves or collars, and sheer sleeves on blouses). Blouses are embellished for a modern addition to the usual ‘bare all.'

Think fur shrugs and scarves, useful if you want to accentuate your shoulders. Just keep it toned down, it's minimalistic this season.


Above the knee
Whether it's a skirt, coat or blazer lines are above the knee this season. Skirts are in a range of materials with velvet and cotton popular in jewel tones. The skirt shape for the season is the pencil, however if you aren't straight up and down the tulip and A-line designs are a good choice.


This season there are two types of jacket shape; the fitted forties-style with a clinched waist and the boyfriend.

YSL & Chanel did vintage Chanel tweed jackets and Gucci & Galliano also chose the fitted jacket, this look is great for a classic look at work.

However boyfriend was also popular, with Stella McCartney making the dinner jacket casual. This look is great with a touch of sparkle at parties this winter.


Pattern is big this year, with many designers returning to the orient, with both geometric and more curved designs.

There are two things to know about pattern before you buy it; the 1st is getting a pattern to match your shape. To do this you must always remember that a more geometric pattern will suit angular shapes, while floral, more rounded patterns are best suited for the curvy.

The second trick is check it has a lead colour. If no colour that stands out more than the rest, then there is no lead colour, then it's a much harder a pattern to work with.


Last but by no means least, is the bizarre and unexpected leather fetish designers appeared to have this season. Dresses, skirts and trenches were leather, PVC, or rubber on the catwalk this season.

An interesting extra to the mainly classic glamour of this season. Leather is an expensive fad, so if in doubt invest in a bag or gloves - black or brown are always safe.