Preparing for Father's Day! | Cultural Trendz |

 First...I decided to conduct an interview with my 3 1/2 year old son.  I love the simplicity in his answers...

My daddy's name is Chris.  
My dad is 15 years old.
His hair is brown and his eyes are red.
My dad likes to wear t-shirts.
He loves to eat macaroni.
He is smart because he loves me.
My daddy works hard at painting doors.
Daddy always tells me no, no, no.
It makes my Dad happy when he loves you.
If he could go on a trip he would go on an airplane and take his phone.
I really love when my Daddy plays games and takes pictures with me.
If you could give Daddy anything it would be a camera because he wants to take pictures with me.
My favorite thing about Daddy is playing Zingo with him.
Daddy's favorite tv show is basketball.
He likes to go downtown to see the train.

Then, I found this wonderful idea on Pinterest where you do a photo shoot with the kids while they wear Daddy's clothes!  Sounnds easy, right?  Ha---you try that with an 18 month old who just woke up from naps, had shots earlier in the day, with a molar coming in, and a snot-filled cold.  Andrew was NOT happy with me AT all.  This is the only decent picture I got (and it's because I had my iPhone playing choo-choo videos right next to my camera lens!).  My older one was overly excited and pulled out every object of Daddy's closet including pants and a way-too-big belt and was INSISTENT on wearing it!   So as much as I would love to reshoot my sweet darling boys to capture some brighter smiles (and just maybe a picture together), I think my husband will have to be happy with these couple shots that may have captured a little joy in my boys!

So I'm thinking of using a trifold frame and put the interview in the middle and the pictures on each side.  So what do you think, any other cute display ideas?

And you won't believe the cuteness that happened at Courtney's house earlier this week????  Seriously check out these amazing photos...

And do you want to know where she got these props?????  Only one of the cutest photo blogs ever where they are featuring these as a free download this month.  Check it out here: ;