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Live the art of your life and leave a masterpiece

Live the art of your life and leave a masterpiece | Cultural Trendz |

The most basic of the twenty-four principles or elements of the Universe found in the Indian holistic healing practice of Ayurveda is called “Prakruti” or creativity. As human beings, we are first and foremost creators. Our individual creativity is the essence of life on this planet. What we create is the only tangible thing that we leave behind when we die. Our life is the canvas, our intention the brush strokes, our emotions the paint.

Do masterful artists let paintings that they have painted long ago decide how they will look at their life upon waking up each morning? Do the master artists use their creative energy and spend time repainting the same picture over and over because they have decided that the previous copies aren’t masterpieces yet? I see master artists painting new pictures everyday knowing that each one is unique and will speak to and inspire people regardless of how it is viewed. Once a painting is done, does the artist sit in the gallery where it is displayed in order to gauge the reaction, feelings, and thoughts that others take away when viewing it? While sitting there, is the artist apologizing to those who don’t like it, reasoning with those who are angered by it, or smiling with those whose heart was opened by it? I see the artist doing what they do best, what they are here to do, regardless of what others say or think. Do they paint what is in their heart and what they feel passionate about? Is their drive fueled by a knowing that this contribution will be their mark on the world? Faith is placed in the idea that their masterpieces will speak to other lonely artists, whose lives will change the second they set eyes on this art; a knowing that others will use these masterpieces as their inspiration. You have no idea of the masterpieces that YOU are creating for others, every day. Stop looking at your old pictures and wishing you would have painted them better. They are already in the gallery inspiring those who can see them. Do what you do best, what you are here to do. Never stop painting!

    “My brain is only a receiver, in the universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, and inspiration. – Nikola Tesla

The brain or mind are not where intelligence is found. In addition, creativity seldom makes an appearance in those areas. If you are talking about simply regurgitating facts, the brain areas associated with memory are simply doing their job. However, we are interested in creative, inspired, passionate, channeled information in which the whole organism is the receiver. And only a certain few, very personal factors need to be in play to reach such a state. No standardized test or exam can glean this information about an individual. Hence, this is why it continues to remain so illusive. Dare we say that perhaps it is in its intimate, individual relationship with this connection, personal or otherwise, that the creative expression can unfold in its full beauty. The mere idea of producing it or standardizing it would be to extinguish it.

    “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

So the question now leads to the idea of cultivating this pure human connection to all that is, was, and ever will be. Indeed, all information can be accessed from here. It is where the wellspring of creativity thrives. Of course, no one individual can see it all. Yet each, if open, will get what they need and want from such connection. The act of defining it would be to cheapen it. For example, how does one define love? There are the descriptions of the physical reactions such as increased heart rate, body temperature and respiration. Yet these would not compare in the slightest, or be able to describe to the unexperienced, what is truly happening since these are only attributes of increased physical activity.

To truly connect, one first needs to have a knowing that shakes them loose from their current, purposely-limited belief system. Such a system is set upon dis-empowering individualism in the name of the collective. In its truest sense, the collective is important but, in this day and age, that idea has been hijacked and co-oped. Dr. Eric Pearl says it best in his book The Reconnection when he states that “we have difficulty understanding the concept that we are all one. If we were the true embodiment of that concept, there wouldn’t be any lessons to be experienced. The ego gives us the identity to experience the lesson in terms of a very specific viewpoint – ours.”

    “You have to be a light to yourself in a world that is utterly becoming dark.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

It boils down to trusting in your process no matter how it presents itself. Follow your intuition, for it is connected to all information outside space and time. If it checks out with your intuition (gut feeling), then send it to the heart to put it into your field of coherence. By mixing that information with your heart’s large, abundant electromagnetic field, you are supercharging it. Only use your mind if some left-brain tasks need to be handled as things unfold. Your analytical mind and its negative voice are essentially blind and impotent when attempting to see an entire situation or attempting to create. The mind is not meant to run your life or seek out inspiration. It’s only there to serve as a tool to accomplish tasks. It’s really that simple.

    “All will be revealed my friend” – Anthony Kedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, March 27, 5:11 PM

We are creative beings living in the midst of a creative universe that is still creating itself. It is humbling and inspiring when understood that way.

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Young people have much to teach us

Young people have much to teach us | Cultural Trendz |

Reading the wise words of Kofi Annan sparked me to write this blog to inspire existing leaders to truly reflect on what they are doing in their business to untap the potential of their young people. Annan stated: "any society that doesn't succeed in tapping into the energy and creativity of its youth will be left behind." He also went on to claim from his experience with The Elders that the younger generation of leaders are the most educated, most connected and most informed generation of leaders.


So why is is that we continue to hear terrible stories about Gen Y and they continue to be labelled as mutinous, disloyal, greedy......and so the judgmental labels continue? Is it from the fear felt by the existing leaders who don't like to be challenged and see their questioning paradigm and attitude as a form of disrespect and insubordination? Is it because as Annan says this younger generation of future leaders are the most educated, most connected and most informed and therefore pose the greatest threat for the future of our existing leaders?


As an existing leader think about how you react when challenged by a younger person, especially if it is in a meeting in front of your peers.........what kind of language do you use when you respond? What kind of overt encouragement do you provide to support the courage shown by the young person? Or do you prefer to reward the quiet and respectful behaviour of the more senior people who have learned to fit in with the existing culture? Take a deep look inside your current culture - showing up in meetings especially.


I don't believe existing and experienced leaders have learned how to manage and lead the younger generation so their potential is unleashed constructively. Instead we judge them, label them, try to stuff them into a box until they have "done their time" like we had to do......wisdom is only gained through experience and this takes time - there is no substitute.


Time to shake up this paradigm - it has passed its use by date - we badly need a courageous paradigm where we untap and unleash the true potential of these highly educated and connected young people who want to make a difference - not sit around waiting until we say they are wise enough! They have spent their formative years being actively encouraged to BE high performing, to go out there and make it happen. So don't ask them to shift into a passive holding pattern when they enter the workforce. I concur with Annan - you will be left behind if you don't encourage your existing leaders to untap the potential of the young people in your business.


Be courageous and encourage them to challenge you and make sure you build personal change resilience - a necessity for our future leaders.

Vilma Bonilla's insight:

A very interesting look at business culture and age group interaction.

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