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Data Security Is an Art, Not Just a Science

Data Security Is an Art, Not Just a Science | Business Transformation |

It is a myth to think that data security is just about technology. It involves policy, because managing risk involves making choices and tradeoffs. And it involves people, because people are such a large component of the data security risk equation, and people are one of the most challenging variables to control. In other words, data security is an art, not just a science.

Karl Wabst's insight:

Great examples of why data security staff needs to be proficient in human relations.


If you deal with corporate security only through a technology lens, you will be insecure, period.


The greater freedoms that people have grown accustomed to (BYOD, mobile, social media) mean that staff will go around security.


They will thwart your controls and feel justified in doing it. 

Think Snowden, Manning, et al.


Command and Control is a memory. Now, think engagement. Target hearts and minds as well as bits and bytes.

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