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Let me count the ways I stalk thee. The Future Of Wearable Tech: Getting Nerds Laid

Let me count the ways I stalk thee. The Future Of Wearable Tech: Getting Nerds Laid | Business Transformation |

What, pray tell, is the future of wearable technology? Will it rest with the business world? Does it require a fashion upgrade? Or will the future of wearable devices hinge upon getting nerds laid? That seems to be the look of things to judge by some recent inventions.

Karl Wabst's insight:

From modern day chastity belts to steamy Google Glass sex, wearables are trying to get intimate with us in ways that run the gamut from playful to creepy. But, you know, mostly creepy.

Matt O's curator insight, March 26, 2015 6:11 AM

Disregarding the intended purpose of the bra emotion thing. The fact that technology has advanced so far so that inanimate objects can sense human feelings and react to them is an amazing feat. Even though the bra product has only one emotion setting and reaction to that emotion, in the near future robots such as "Baymax" from "Big Hero 6" don't seem like such a fantasy anymore. If a robot could detect feelings like love, hurt, anger, sadness and depression then the future for medical robots are endless! Take a hospital for example, if you have a serious injury or you need medical attention you can press a button they attach to you to call for help. If that button was turned into a small robotic piece attached to them then it could send messages to staff by reading if the patient was having a fit or his/her's heart rate is too high or needs more medicine, or even if the patient is just hungry. 

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