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Digital Identity and the economic transformation of India

Digital Identity and the economic transformation of India | Business Transformation |
The government of India is slowly building a digital footprint of every citizen. Can it lead to economic transformation?
Karl Wabst's insight:

The US is dealing with revelations of government data collection. I started looking for stories about other countries. Digital transformation is changing culture around the world.


This story had interesting parallels to what's happening here. The World Trade Center attack in 2001 triggered major legislative and attitudinal changes in the US, India was forced into this brave new world because of the attack in Mumbai. One result was creation of the *NATGRID.


According to the article, the Indian government has been collecting data on individuals to increase efficiency in government programs.  Dependency on government assistance has facilitated digital identities, plastic money, and biometrics use.


Similar programs exist in the US but the scale differs greatly. Consider the opening paragraph - "We are a proud nation of more than 1.2 billion people but we have only 36 million people who pay income tax which is about 3 percent of the population. Nowhere else in the world is this number so low as a percentage of the taxpaying population".  


Progression of technology in the US is changing culture as it has around the world. Yet here, we seem to focus on the IT piece more than how we change to accommodate technology. I'm curious about how the tax collection changes will unfold in India.


*According to Wikipedia, NATGRID is "an integrated intelligence grid that will link the databases of several departments and ministries of the Government of India so as to collect comprehensive patterns of intelligence that can be readily accessed by intelligence agencies. It was first proposed in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Mumbai in 2008 and is to become operational in 2013"


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