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How Well Does Data Know You?

How Well Does Data Know You? | Business Transformation |
the pitch was intriguing: peek behind the curtain and see what one of the world's data giants knows about you. here's why the result was underwhelming.
Karl Wabst's insight:

The results of Acxiom opening up some of the data they have collected seem to be underwhelming. This is a bit misleading though. Acxiom is only one of many stores of data about consumers. The inaccuracy is startling to those expecting movie spy agency-like collections of bits of their lives.


This is like the story of a bunch of blind men asked to describe an elephant. The descriptions were very different, depending upon where they were standing.


We are still like the blind people in the story. None of us has an accurate picture of what is really going on. Is this an honest attempt to show the world that big data and targeted advertising are a harmless combination or practiced deception? Do not generalize from one data point. The industry is as transparent as granite.


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