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Study finds online privacy concerns on the rise

Study finds online privacy concerns on the rise | Business Transformation |

While trying to avoid snooping — at least in some circumstances — is now commonplace, people cite varying reasons for doing so. About 1/3 said they had tried to conceal their activity from hackers or criminals, while 28% have tried to block advertisers. Others said they wanted to keep information private from family members or spouses, employers or the government.

Karl Wabst's insight:

People are willing to share data with someone they trust. If users perceive value to their lives, they are likely to share.


The freedom to choose is very important. Think in terms of trust, rather than data and IT.


Technology that uses our data is taking up residence in an increasing number of sensitive places. It's natural that people stop and think about how they could be exposed.


When making a decision, they don't always do an analysis. They go with how they feel about the brand. Reputation matters.

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