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NSA cracks Web encryption using 'back doors,' files show

NSA cracks Web encryption using 'back doors,' files show | Business Transformation |
Snowden documents reveal spy agency campaign to compromise online privacy for national security.
Karl Wabst's insight:

I would keep in mind that the documents being presented and attributed to Snowden are of questionable authenticity. They have been exposed to who knows what since removal from the NSA. They could have been altered or wholly fabricated.


There are no unquestionable truths here. Snowden fled to a foreign country after trying to bring his version of the truth to light. I am equally wary of what I accept as truth from government agencies, especially after they have been embarrassed.


Know what data you want to protect. Don't put sensitive data online unless it's encrypted. Don't rely on only one control.


The government created the Internet and funds the creation of encryption technology. Given that, is this story a surprise? It all comes back to who you trust. Verify those you trust.

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