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Social Business Held Back by Corporate Culture, Not Technology

Social Business Held Back by Corporate Culture, Not Technology | Business Transformation |
Hardly a day goes by without talk of how social business and social technologies are transforming the workplace. Like all areas of business there are obstacles to achieving social business goals and some of them are not that obvious.
Karl Wabst's insight:

Changing business and corporate culture is harder than changing technology. A social corporate culture may exist without adoption of an enterprise social network. After all, bidirectional conversations with customers existed long before the computer.


It’s true that social technologies allow companies to scale that communication for a global market. However, many people don’t see their company as global, so they adopt something that is “good enough for now.”


Deployment of an enterprise solution using a patchwork of off the shelf solutions is cheaper and therefore more desirable to some. Also, adopting enterprise social technologies may not be a priority for businesses whose workers are working around the problem by using commercially available tools on their own devices.


During an audit, a CEO of a medical device company insisted that he could continue to do business just fine without IT. Compliance was an annoyance. He defined the company culture, and obviously did not see technology as a competitive advantage.


The company was sold after a major market embarrassment and he’s no longer CEO, so I suppose we’ll never know if he was right.

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