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Should MBAs Learn to Code?

Should MBAs Learn to Code? | Business Transformation |
It depends on if you want to work in tech.
Karl Wabst's insight:

 While reading this I found myself wondering if the reverse were also true.


Should coders learn how to balance the books? Should they learn what it takes to bring a product to market? Be able to go out on a sales call and pitch to a client? I could make an argument that coders should learn to work in customer service and hear complaints and compliments about the products they helped to create.


When a coder connects technical specifications to a person with a problem, they have to help solve; or when an MBA connects a spreadsheet or a graph with a real human, the job may become more personal. Watch out, you might become passionate about what you do.


Understanding the business you’re in from end-to-end will make you a more valuable employee or consultant. Focusing on only one thing and doing it well is great, as long as you work in a vacuum.


Today, the rate of change is increasing. Technology is everywhere. Social business means using social technologies, communications skills and business smarts to make decisions. More companies are starting social responsibility programs.


In my humble opinion, learn what you can. Train others in what you know. Have them train you.


I have spent time working in finance, tech, as well as many other fields as a consultant and an employee. Sometimes I am in the C-Suite and others I work with coders, business analysts, nuclear engineers, and even rocket scientists. So far, I have degrees in social science and business. I contributed to a few best-selling books. I also hold certifications in privacy, security and audit.


I want to learn more, not less. How about you?




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