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Business Case for Change Management

Writing a business case for change management provides three main benefits - telling your whole story, building credibility and prompting action.

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Karl Wabst's insight:

I was speaking with a prospective client awhile back and they commented on my business approach to change management. Seems many of the organizational change folks they talk to want to sit in a circle and sing inspirational songs.


It happens when I pitch security, privacy and audit proposals. A lot of those folks are frustrated hackers or wannabe cops. I hear stories about consultants and employees who try to scare people with the dreadful consequences that will befall them if they don’t do X.


Businesspeople got wise to that FUD during SOX. HIPAA was the same. Hardly anyone suffered dire consequences by not complying. Why do it?


Be sensitive and speak to clients in their language. Remember you are trying to change how people think about X. That will change how they do their jobs.


Trying to scare them into compliance doesn't work. Speak the same language. What's in it for them? How does the process uncover hidden resources and add value?


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