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Why Don't More Shoppers Worry When Big Data's Watching?

Why Don't More Shoppers Worry When Big Data's Watching? | Business Transformation |

You wouldn't know it from the lack of public outcry, but 64% of retailers are collecting Big Data tracking their customers' shopping behavior, according to a recent study. The same survey shows that a majority of shoppers are barely aware of tracking by retailers, and those who do know about it don't care enough to resist.

Karl Wabst's insight:

Ignorance is bliss when it comes to customer behavior tracking.


Perhaps the Privacy movement failed in their public awareness campaign or consumers are too tired from fighting more obvious battles, like trying to keep above water in a terrible economy.


There are indicators that consumers will protest if tracking becomes obvious. Retailers should be aware that a misstep that finds its way into the public consciousness is likely to spark wide reaction.


This story will continue to unfold. Stay tuned.

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