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Your Company Needs An Enemy, And Here's The Data To Prove It

Your Company Needs An Enemy, And Here's The Data To Prove It | Business Transformation |
Your antagonist doesn't necessarily need to be another business. Positioning yourself against an idea could in fact be the most durable approach.
Karl Wabst's insight:

Fight your enemy. For Apple, it's those bland PC folks. Fight the tyranny of boring computing!


Don't have an enemy? Make one. Rally your forces in the fight for truth, justice and the American way! Whatever.


This flies in the face of perceptions about customer engagement.  The evidence comes from a study of 7,000 consumers, published in Harvard Business Review. The results showed that most consumers (77%) are not seeking a relationship with your business.


They don't want to go steady, get engaged and settle down in the country to raise a family. It's more like an alliance. Not exactly friend with benefits, but closer to that than lifelong fidelity.


What should you do?


Researchers say that consumers associate with brands that have a strong reputation. Consumers like being associated with brands they believe make them look good. For brands, this means you ought to take a public stance against a cause or behavior that rallies a target group.

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