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Community Managers Can Make Or Break Social Business Adoption

Community Managers Can Make Or Break Social Business Adoption | Business Transformation |

Whereas companies can often see the value of a community manager to engage individuals outside of the walls of a company, it’s often far more challenging in reality to get buy-in and adoption inside the walls of the company.

Karl Wabst's insight:

Community Managers are often seen as the person who manages the Facebook account. This limited view is a huge mistake!


A good community manager recognizes their role as change agent, or evangelist for the switch to social business processes throughout the organization. Community managers need to empower themselves and show more value than keeping the company Facebook page fresh.


The case for change may be more effectively presented as a business case, a form that management is used to seeing. The business case captures the reasoning for decision makers to take action.


What is the ultimate benefit to the organization?

Understand your audience. Write in language that your audience understands. This is likely in business terminology, not IT jargon.

What actions are required? Think in terms of resources / funding to apply a structured change management methodology to the adoption of social business.


Check out the Prosci Business Case Toolkit for templates.

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