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You are Being Followed. Retail Stores Now Track Customers

You are Being Followed. Retail Stores Now Track Customers | Business Transformation |
Retail stores are now tracking customer movements through their cell phones in an attempt to better gauge consumer behavior.
Karl Wabst's insight:

The title of the article is meant to tap into the emotion of consumers. That is a good way to try to get eyeballs on the article, and better to have others share it with their friends.


Does the article present a good summary and discussion of the facts? Probably not too many. Not for me.


I may not be representative of the average person. I have been working in information privacy, physical and data security for almost two decades.


Why share this then? I think it pays to get readers looking at stories about privacy and security in a more thoughtful way than the visceral reaction that those with an interest in swaying readers intend.


I have posted other stories about how stores track users. Find them, read them, do some additional research and make up your own mind. Tracking is not going away. You are better able to protect yourself and your family if you learn more about it.

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