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Listening 2.0: Making a splash with employees | SmartBlogs

Listening 2.0: Making a splash with employees | SmartBlogs | Business Transformation |

Despite an increased ability to engage in a range of listening activities, employees are feeling less “heard” than ever before. This matters!


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Karl Wabst's insight:

An important aspect of engagement in change is making participants' part of the process. This means not only listening but showing people - employees, customers, shareholders, etc. - that their opinions were heard and effected action or outcome.


“If employees feel like they are throwing pennies down a bottomless well and they never hear a splash, they are going to stop throwing the pennies. We have got to show them that we are listening.” — “Lead for Loyalty” by Frederick F. Reichheld.


Speaking up can make people feel vulnerable. Reward their behavior to reinforce transformational initiatives. Psychological safety can be described as “a shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking.”


So, you ask, what is "interpersonal risk taking"? One expert defines it as a "sense of confidence that others will not embarrass, reject or punish someone for speaking up.”


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Trust Versus Psychological Safety:


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