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Tactonic expands touch screen technology to the floor

Tactonic expands touch screen technology to the floor | Business Transformation |
A New York City start-up called Tactonic Technologies has revolutionized the computer touch sensor, making them tough enough and cheap enough to turn an entire floor, maybe an entire gym or theme park into a surface that senses footsteps.
Karl Wabst's insight:

They are sitting on a gold mine! Imagine all of the data they will collect. Then, they will be able to correlate current and historical records with video, facial recognition, hazardous materials scanners, medical records, credit card histories, shopping receipts, blog posts, work history and Heaven only knows what else.


The potential applications are massive. I agree that there are interesting privacy questions here. There may be precedent set by existing technologies that track individuals through stores, malls and other physical spaces for marketing studies.


I can imagine this sort of technology could lead to a wakeup call like we had from Warren and Brandeis back in 1890 (THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY).


If the surface in question is in a public space, do we have an expectation of privacy?


- Thanks to Adam Stone for posting this article!

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