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The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation

The Evolution of Social Business: Six Stages of Social Business Transformation | Business Transformation |

Altimeter Group uncovered a distinct gap between organizations that execute social media strategies and those that are truly a “social business.”


Study: Of nearly 700 social media professionals and executives interviewed, only 34% of businesses felt that their social strategy was connected to business outcomes. Additionally, that the 2 most important criteria for a successful social business strategy are that it is:

Clearly aligned with strategic business goals of an organizationHas organizational alignment and support that enables execution of that strategy
Karl Wabst's insight:

Intergration of social technologies with the business, to connect to and execute as part of corporate strategy remains an unrealized goal in the majority of organizations.


The culture change required is largely missing because the business case that links the tactics to business outcomes is missing.


While it may be true that social media is capable of connecting customers and companies, the current implementations have not been committed to by senior executives who may not even use commercial social media services, such as Facebook.


Asking the group that controls the money and direction of the organization to commit to the process of change required for successful use of internal collaboration tools to connect with (much less listen and hand over any power to) customers, vendors and employees seems absurd.


Hopefully the message that social business is much more than just technology is reaching the ears of those seeking to bring change to their organizations.


Speak the language of business to corporate decision-makers. Techno-speak is like talking to your cat who may listen politely and go back to whatever they were doing before being interrupted.

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