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Anti-Social Recruiting

Anti-Social Recruiting | Business Transformation |
Although I've often joked about the concept of anti-social recruiting (as if there was anything other than "social" recruiting), anti-social recruiting does exist, and it is unknowingly practiced by many people and top companies as well.
Karl Wabst's insight:

Simply using social media in recruiting is not social recruiting! AMEN!


Social recruiting involves being “mutually or reciprocally active," as in 2-way communication.


If more recruiters learned to communicate with candidates, they might add value to the relationship with clients and candidates.


Note: I typically receive several blind emails per day from "recruiters" using simple word matching from resume to job ad without any consideration for context.


For example,

- I attended courses at SANS Institute but often get email seeking SAN engineers.

- I graduated Cum Laude. I get email addressed to Dear Cum.

- I also get email addressed to Dear CISSP, Dear <whatever - but not my name>


Sometimes I write back and try to help the recruiter get some sense that their Applicant Tracking System is alienating more people than it is connecting. The reply, if there is one, is a lame excuse about how they only answer the phone calls if their marketing blast happens to connect with a real person.


We can do better!


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