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Update: Millennials in the workplace: The first VUCA generation

What's VUCA? It's a term coined by Robert Johansen in Leaders make the future: Ten new skills for leading in an uncertain world to describe the world in the 21st century. VUCA means volatile, uncertain, chaotic and ambiguous.

Karl Wabst's insight:

No, no, no. While the author gets the components of the acronym right, VUCA is not a term "coined by Robert Johansen in Leaders make the future: Ten new skills for leading in an uncertain world."


Reducing the meaning of VUCA to something coined by a business author misses the point and reduces the validity of the underlying concept.


VUCA is a concept put forth by the US Army War College and the document now in the 3rd edition, can be found by searching for Strategic Leadership Primer - US Army War College or here:


"Peace has not made things easier for the military and the war colleges.In fact, the US Army's War College's response was to create a new, acronymizedmantra, “VUCA, VUCA, VUCA.” VUCA is said to describe the new security environment and stands for “volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.”


"The Millennial generation isn't just in a VUCA world. They're of it. They're perfectly positioned to lead a VUCA transformation at personal, community and national levels -- and they've already begun transforming their world because of natural inclinations; they're confident, connected and open to change."


I have to disagree with the author again. Simply being one of the Millennial generation does not qualify one to lead change! Millennials' - and the rest of us - require guidance and collaboration to lead change. The original VUCA document calls out John Kotter's change leadership methodology as a resource.


Just as the US Army doesn't put someone in charge of prople, porocess or technology simply because they are Millennial's, corporations should not follow this path either.

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