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How to Eat an Elephant - Auditing Social Media Part 2

How to Eat an Elephant - Auditing Social Media Part 2 | Business Transformation |

Governance requires a framework, and although "social media policy" and "governance" are often used as interchangeable words, concepts and issues that is simply not the case. If you work in an industry with strong Safety rules you will know what I mean, because Safety Rules are not Safety Governance, and the same in social. A social media policy is an essential element of governance, but it is one part of one section of a governance framework. As an auditor you can view a social media policy as necessary, but far from sufficient to provide appropriate risk mitigation.

Karl Wabst's insight:

Part 2 of a series - this article explains how a firm's social media policy fits into a compliance framework. Social media requirements differ for various industries.


Understanding the multiple touchpoints and how social fits into your organization is essential to leading social business, not simply managing it.


While it is not recommended to rely on fears of compliance failure and penalty  to motivate auditing of your social media program, it is a good way to check on whether social is being used strategically, to forward the firm's vision, to drive profit, improve reputation, etc. or just as a tactic driven by 1 department.


Definitely worth a read!

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