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Pre-order "What's the Future of Business" get a free silver #EndofBusiness bookmark

Pre-order "What's the Future of Business" get a free silver #EndofBusiness bookmark | Business Transformation |

Brian Solis:

Wow!I just learned that What’s the Future of Business is just about to start shipping! For authors, pre-orders are very very important and this is crunch time. I’d like to ask you for your help.
In exchange for pre-ordering WTF, I’d like to thank you by sending a silver bookmark with an engraved cover of The End of Business as Usual. They make the perfect pair!

Karl Wabst's insight:

Brian is a great spokesman for social business transformation. His last book The End of Business As Usual had substantial information about employing organizational culture change to help businesses' successfuly adopt new behaviors, tools and prepare people for the 21st Century business world.


I heard that in his next book he reveals secrets to end world hunger, create peace on earth, all while revealing what the future (WTF) of business is.

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Business Transformation
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