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Social Media Guidelines for Young Professionals | CAREEREALISM

Social Media Guidelines for Young Professionals | CAREEREALISM | Business Transformation |
Social media has dangers for the young professional. Savvy young professionals know there are social media guidelines that must be followed.
Karl Wabst's insight:

External social media channels are not the only concern for communications. Some companies embrace social business and have internal networks where workers can make connections, express ideas to get noticed and learn from the experiences of more senior staff.Being better informed about the place you spend 40+ hours a week makes you a valuable resource to the company and your customers.


Listen for awhile before you speak out. Every company and industry, network and interest group has rules about how to communicate. Knowing those rules - culture - can make the difference between success and failure.


Developing your voice inside your company before expressing yourself outside can be great preperation for a future career. That career doesn't have to be outside the current firm. You may catch the attention of people in other departments and gain a reputation. Whether that reputation is good or bad depends on how you express your thoughts.

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