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New Employees: 'We Were Jobbed About This Job'

New Employees: 'We Were Jobbed About This Job' | Business Transformation |

The report studied 2,300 newly hired workers and 250 staffing directors in 28 countries. More than half, or 51 percent, of new employees hired in 2012 have "buyer's remorse" and 88 percent are looking to make a change, notes DDI's report. Their chief complaint: The hiring process "failed to paint a realistic or accurate picture of the job."

Karl Wabst's insight:

This report is certainly discouraging. Unhappy workers and unsatisfied companies are not productive, not engaged and breed unhappy customers.Unhappy customers make for unhappy shareholders.


With record or near-record unemployment for a few years now the issue is not getting the attention it deserves. Perhaps if companies told their stories and attracted attention of people interested in what they do, they might find better candidates who want to work with them.


Social is about getting the parties talking. I found it interesting that this was not a solution mentioned in the article. Tracking once the candidate is in the system, OK. But how do you attract people that actually want to be there?


"The report found a big discrepancy in how companies perceive their selection strategies and how well they actually work. Nearly 3 in 4 companies say their systems are effective, even though fewer than 20 percent believe it helps them acquire the best available talent". FUBAR

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