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Study Touts the Benefits of Internal Social Networking Sites

Study Touts the Benefits of Internal Social Networking Sites | Business Transformation |

While some companies search for ways to limit employees' access to social media, a recent study by Baylor University suggests businesses may want to embrace the relatively new cultural phenomenon as a way to improve employee morale and reduce turnover.

Karl Wabst's insight:

People all over the World use external social networks, so it makes sense that giving them a way to connect inside of the company could increase ties and encourage better adaptation to corporate culture and longer tenure.


I built internal social networks for many years, in many different industries all over the World. The technology is less important than the culture. The connection is between people - not computers.


If your people want to talk to each other they will find a way. Without internal channels, they may air dirty laundry on Facebook, Twitter, etc. At that point they are already disengaged.


Social business makes for stronger community ties. Given all the stories I see about how hard it is to find qualified candidates, it seems that anything that improves onboarding and retention is worth looking at seriously.

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