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Rescooped by Pascale Mousset from Social Media, Digital Marketing!

The truth about the impact of Social Media strategies

The truth about the impact of Social Media strategies | Social and digital network |

" It is now common for companies to develop Social Media strategies and to hire Social Media Managers in order to boost their online presence. But what can you really expect from Social Media Marketing? "

Via Hannah Kramer, Olivier Milo
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Rescooped by Pascale Mousset from Radio 2.0 (En & Fr)!

Swedish Radio's social media handbook

Swedish Radio's social media handbook | Social and digital network |

Swedish Radio has identified 12 editorial priorities. The first of them, which is about using social media and interactivity, reads:

"Develop Journalism 3.0 and the relationship with the audiences. Social media is here to help us strengthen our audience relationship."

There are two main reasons for us to participate in social media. The first reason is purely selfish: we want our content to be shared and spread as much as possible.


It focuses on four main areas:


Preparations - how we start a social media activity, how we set up goals and measure successResearch - how to use social media for basic research and more advanced crowdsourcing projectsSharing - how we make people want to share our content to the widest extent possibleDialogue - perhaps the most important as it is about the way we nurture an on-going conversation with our audience and visitors, which is the foundation on which all our social media activities rest.


Included in the handbook are "do's and don'ts" for both reporters and managers, in a format which is easily accessible in their day-to-day work. You can downloaded it for free here.

Via radiomike, Nicolas Moulard - Actuonda
Nicolas Moulard - Actuonda's curator insight, May 1, 2013 3:19 AM

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Sue Llewellyn's curator insight, May 7, 2013 9:45 AM

Very useful 'Social Media Handbook for Journalists' from Swedish Radio