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Marty - Why Social Media Is For Kids

Social Media reaches the gold of brand marketing, the 18 to 40 age group. This is the mythic territory because brand preferences aren't set. I doubt the value of such static thinking in a world as dynamic as ours, but urban marketing legend dies very hard. 

The idea is that by 40 your brand preferences are set and you are going to buy the cars, food and clothes you've been buying. I'm on the north side of 50 and my "brand preferences" are hardly "set". 

Perhaps I am exception that makes the rule, but maybe the rule needs a review in a social time. In any case, the heavy users of #SMM are kids :). 

This infographic does lend some credibility to the idea that enterprise social media is where the real ROI lives. As this generation ages companies would be well advised to use social media in new ways since their employees are already there. 

Everything from recruitment to project management can get better with social media marketing.  

Via ThePinkSalmon, Martin (Marty) Smith