IBM Watson's Top 5 Innovation Predictions for Next Five Years | Social and digital network |
IBM's predictions all involve big data and using computing to glean intelligence from vast systems. We discuss them with IBM's research boss.

Marty Note

Interesting predictions from IBM for the next five years. They are risk-less enough (for the most part) except for the "buy local" trend. I agree and disagree.

IBM has couched this prediction by saying technology will come to you. Duh, mobile and GPS are already doing that. They are also pointing out the vastly distributed networks being pioneered by Amazon and others for same day shipping (thus: even non-local feels and acts local).

I agree with the "super network theory" behind the trend even if the way it’s presented seems inaccurate and controversial. Really this trend is just SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile) with some "super networking" behind it.

The key to making predictions like this is to make them broad enough some victory can be claimed no matter what happens. Still an interesting read from the Watson boys.

Most interesting may be how they are trying to make Watson a brand with real meaning and value. Its one thing to win on Jeopardy its quite another to figure out how to help real B2B and B2C websites make more conversions in near real time. That trick would be very cool :).M

The classroom will learn you.Buying local will beat online.Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well.A digital guardian will protect you online.The city will help you live in it.


Via Alex Butler, Rahul Kharwadkar, Martin (Marty) Smith